Sharon gave us her all!

A little over a year ago we made the decision to look for our life dream. Loving animals the way we do, and owning a Pet Sitting business, we wanted a place with some land in San Diego County. We both have lived in San Diego our whole lives, but in the SDSU, Del Cerro area.

I came across Sharon at an open house. We became fast friends, and started looking for property and listing ours. Sharon gave us 100%! We had typical highs and lows in looking, a couple of lost offers, but it  was all for a reason….the “dream home” was out there still! After the first of the year we found it!! A beautiful, newly remodeled ranch home in Eucalyptus Hills, Lakeside with an acre of land!

Our house received a great offer shortly after and within a few weeks the house deal closed and was ours. It has now been 11 months since purchase and we could not be happier!

Sharon gave us her all! She fought for what was right, helped us through the process (we had lived in the previous house 23 years, so we needed to know the “steps of escrow”), she even showed the house to numerous people with our pet pig, Frank there. No fear! I would recommend Sharon Cook any time for help with selling your home, everything was easy and fun with Sharon. She has also become a great friend to our family.